“daily” log

Got up today around 2 pm. Siarl slept until about 4. Once our schedule gets this off kilter we’ve learned it’s not salvageable. We’ll “cycle” until we start going to bed and getting up so late that it becomes early again.

It used to be worse. Only a little while back every “day” ended up being hours longer than it was supposed to be and we “cycled” constantly. Our current situation, where we maintain a schedule for a few days (maybe a week) and then cycle, is a definite improvement.

I gave Spooky (our goat child) water and food, made breakfast for myself, and took a shower. This time breakfast was eggs with jack cheese and leftover ground turkey, coffee, milk, cranberry juice, and a peanut butter and jam sandwich. The combination of pancakes and coffee in the morning has been leaving me feeling shaky and weak later in the day. PB&J seems to do better.

Then Siarl woke up and we hung out for a bit. I started to feel a little weak and shaky so I just had 3 apples to boost my blood sugar. I’m feeling better now.

Now I need to clean up in the kitchen and make Siarl their breakfast.


It’s been 5 days since I wrote the above. Spooky’s poop problem hadn’t improved and there was a lot of stressing out about our baby.

Consequently we ended up cycling. I lost sleep, and because I lost sleep I wasn’t able to prepare things to get the best sleep I can get without my sleep machine. This meant I slept more and felt like crap a lot of my waking hours.

I feel much better today. Making sure I’ve got clean bedding is pretty important. I can’t wait a whole week or more before washing blankets and sheets.

It’s difficult for me to fit in writing time at the best of times. Find that time is hard, also there’s resistance to actually sitting down to write that I have to fight.

(For more about resistance check out the excellent book The War Of Art.)

I got woken up at about 9 am this morning by Siarl. They needed me to make breakfast. I accidentally slept for another two hours. Siarl called me on FaceTime again at 11. I finally got out of bed at 11:30.

It’s 2 pm now. Siarl has had their breakfast. I’m about to give them a bit more food before taking a shower. Then we’ll figure out if I need to go to the grocery store or do any other errands today.

One of the reasons I didn’t continue with my “daily” blogs until now is that I hadn’t written in all that time. I didn’t want to write a “It’s day n, and I still haven’t written anything” post. No need to make a report until there’s something to report.

I finished writing another chapter of Heroes Of The Green City last night. I wrote for about an hour and fourty minutes and wrote 1400+ words. I think my rate was about 850+ an hour. It was a bit of a grind last night. I wasn’t in my writing zone. I kept checking the clock. I pressed on anyway. I wanted to break this no-writing streak. I wanted to meet my hourly goal.

Drawing has been easier to do. I’ve been drawing for at least a half hour most days.

I still haven’t played ukulele since that one day. Maybe I need to do it before I shower? Nah, the more time I delay showering the less likely it is to happen.

Ok. I’ll post this now and start a new daily log for the rest of today. If things go as planned I’ll post that one before I go to sleep or just after I wake up.

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