Heroes Of The Green City Chapter 6: Sarah

Sarah leapt into the air. The suns were bright behind her as she swung her black sword toward her target. In that moment, only her silhouette was visible. Sparks and rocks flew as she struck the dragome. Its reptilian head roared in pain and anger. She landed near the beast at the same moment small bits of the creature’s rock body hit the ground. The creature whipped its massive tail toward Sarah, who easily leapt out of the way and onto a small outcropping of rocks that put her at eye level with the rock dragon.

She grabbed her other sword from the scabbard strapped to her back and held both of them toward the creature. They’re both wide, long, and black except for the sharpened edges and the curly artistic engravings drawn as if they were growing out of the hilt like vines. These revealed the metal underneath. Her long black dress and long dark-pink hair flowed in the wind. Her red eyes stared down the creature as she grinned and asked “Alright pal, are you gonna stand down?”

Next to the creature, the round angry gnome jumped up and down angrily. “You’re not going to let one human woman stop you are you?” the little rock man shouted to the creature. Despite the fact that the gnome was about half as tall as Sara and the rock dragon was about the height of a castle as it stood on its hind legs, it whined submissively. It doesn’t want to do this, it seemed to say.

Sarah’s grin disappeared as she pointed one of the swords toward the gnome. “That’s no way to treat such a magnificent creature!” She hoped she wasn’t laying it on too thick, but she didn’t figure being subtle would get the creature on her side.

“Don’t you tell me what to do with my own things!” he yelled back at her. To the dragome he said “Now I order you to kill her!” He looked at the creature sternly and pointed at Sarah, or where Sarah had been… “Huh? Where’d she go?”

“DELUGE!” She yelled above him. She crossed her swords in front of her and a massive jet of water blasted from the point the two swords crossed. It blasted the gnome back into the few soldiers he’d brought with him. They quickly got up while their boss was still lying in a large puddle of water. He coughed up a fish while his underlings charged toward Sarah, who swept them aside with the flats of her swords.

She threw the swords into the nearby dirt. Their hilts pointed toward where she had been when she’d thrown them as she rushed toward the leader, who was just sitting up. His eyes were surprised as she picked him up by his shirt, which ripped a little under his stony weight, a weight which didn’t bother her at all.

Her grin was back, full of more mischief and menace than she gave the stone dragon. “So are we gonna call off this little soiree? Hmmmm?”

Just then, and a little too late, she noticed the dragome’s tail rushing toward her. At first she only heard the rushing wind, then she turned her head and said “Oh shi–”. Crash! The tail made contact. Boom! Sarah hit dirt and rocks, causing a plume of smoke.

“Idiot!” screamed the leader gnome, “You hit me too!”

“DELUGE!” Another jet of water originating from the dust cloud hit the rock man, knocking him back again. His verbal abuse was really getting on her nerves. As the dust cleared she was hit by a few arrows. One hit her arm, but the others were deflected by a shimmering transparent sphere which suddenly enclosed her. Her right arm was outstretched, holding the sheild in place. That same arm had a small arrow lodged in her lower deltoid.

“My fuckin’ arm!”

As she leapt to her feet she had just enough time to dodge another swipe of the tail. She rushed the soldiers. There were only four of them. They looked shocked to see her coming at them. This wasn’t any ordinary human. As she passed her swords they flew, hilt first, into her hands as she continued toward her enemies.

One of the gnomes was completely still. He held an arrow in his hand, one he’d intended to aim at his target, a target that was just hit with the full force of a tail as thick as the trunk of a large tree. She’d just gotten up, almost as if nothing happened.

They all decided at once. They’d thrown their weapons to the ground and were running away by the time she reached where they’d been. She stood there for a moment, just a little nonplussed. They kept running as she stared. After a few moments she yelled after them, “Yeah! That’s what I thought!”

She looked in the direction of the leader, who hadn’t gotten up, and then at the dragome, who looked confused and scared. Sarah looked pityingly at the animal, sighed, and put her swords away. This caused her to flinch, hard. “Fucking ooowww!” she whisper-yelled, so as not to alarm the poor rock dragon.

A sphere of pink light grew from the center of her left hand, it made a high pitched but not unpleasant sound. The sphere stayed affixed to her hand as she moved it to engulf her injured arm. After a few moments the arrow clattered onto the rocky ground and the sphere disappeared.

Sarah stretched both arms and sighed with relief. “Better”. She looked up at the dragome again. It was staring at her in fear but wasn’t running away. “Oh hey buddy!” she said this as if she were talking to a friendly but skittish stray dog. The creature looked hopeful. Its shoulder was leaking reddish brown fluid, its blood. She held up her hand and made another sphere, “Would you like some of this?” she asked in an encouraging tone. The rock dragon didn’t move as she made the sphere float toward him and enlarge enough to surround the wound. In a few moments…

“There, all better.” She noticed it’s tail was wagging slightly. “Oh, that is cute as hell.” She grinned at it like she might a puppy. “Let’s see what I can come up with for you.” She closed her eyes for a moment and held out her hands. Dust swirled and whipped around a part of the ground just in front of her. Sarah put her down her hands, opened her eyes, and walked toward the sack that was revealed as the dust and wind died down. She produced three large and shiny stone eggs from the bag and tossed them to the beast. It easily caught and ate them.

The dragon bent its head down as she reached to pet it. It’s leg started to move a little as she scratched behind its ear with a small dagger.

“What are you doing?!” yelled the gnome ex-leader. He was now standing up. “Attack her!” The dragon growled in his direction. He drew back in fear.

“Go home jerkface,” she told him. “Me and scrappy here are going back to the village you’ve been harassing.”

He looked like he was about to say something, but then dejectedly turned and walked away.

“Oh, and jerkface?” she called out to him before he was out of earshot. He looked back. “If I ever hear of you harassing the village or anyone or anywhere else, I will find you and make you regret it.” The gnome quickly ran away.

She looked back up to her new friend, “C’mon scrappy, let’s go get rest and some more to eat.” Sarah picked up the bag, swung it over her shoulder, and they both headed toward the nearby village.

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